As a woman in my mid-thirties with 3 children some find it very surprising that I have recently embarked on a lesbian relationship. I have been told a number of times that I don’t ‘look like a lesbian’ and having children appears to result in questions that people aren’t quite sure how to phrase. I don’t have a fantastic ‘coming out’ story to share with you but I do quite often find myself in situations that might merit comment, or with thoughts I can’t help but feel the need to share, some amusing, some not quite so much, so I thought I would create a space to share them.

I wish I had started this blog when the relationship started over a year ago, so many amusing moments have passed unshared and surely we all know that if they aren’t shared on social media these days, they clearly didn’t happen at all!

So here are snippets of my story and my life. I’m not assuming that other people’s will be the same, everyone has their own individual experiences but you never know, mine might help and if not, they might at least entertain. I also don’t pretend to have all the answers and might say things that unintentionally offend, my only excuse is I probably didn’t mean to and “hey, I’m new to this”.